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The weekly fishing report. Produced by Craig.

If you ever have any reports to add, just let us know and we will get them in.

Fishing report 24-04-16
For some time now I have been getting enquires from customers regarding load rated “D” Shackles for their boat trailers. For those who have purchased them you will know that they are not all that easy to find and are expensive but the biggest problem is for those with larger boats. The physical size of the shackle will not fit through your chain or will it actually fit through the eye on your car and both would need some serious modification. Having had many conflicting views on exactly what is required I contacted Vic Roads and asked them the question. Below is the answer they gave me which will clear it up for many.
“Whilst using a load-rated shackle isn't mandatory, it's a good idea to choose a shackle to suit your trailer and towing vehicle.”
Further information on suitable shackles can be found on our 'Safe Caravanning' page, The information you seek is right down the bottom of the page.
VicRoads Contact Centre.
While this is what the law says I would still ask your insurance company to ensure they don’t have their own set of rules. Many shackles have a load rating on them but failing that the best thing to do is use the largest possible shackle that will fit without altering either your chain or tow bar on your car. Obviously the best thing to do is be guided by the trailer manufacturer as they are the ones that will know the correct size shackle to use.
With the forecast of fine weather last Tuesday Robyn and myself took advantage of it lining up with a day off and hooked up the boat and headed offshore. We started off the cape in about 30m of water with a southerly drift but with more westerly than northerly and the odd larger swell it was reasonably uncomfortable. We lasted there with little success and decided to move towards punchbowl for a bit more protection from the wind. We finished up stopping just inside the end of the lead line and worked that area between 35m and 45m of water then spent the next 3 hrs catching flathead. Although we didn’t count all those we let go I would guess we all up it was well over 60. We kept 26 that were between 34cm and 55cm to take home as well as a dozen good size silver whiting. There weren’t a lot of other chances to head offshore during the week and apart from flathead the only other report was of a quality gummy several salmon and couta.
I didn’t see large numbers of whiting this week but what I did see was some very good quality fish caught. There was the odd bag into double figures but only the odd bag and most only managed around 6 whiting but as one customer said when they are all over 45cm 6 is a good feed. It seemed to be a lot of luck if you found them and everyone said that a considerable amount of work was needed to find them. One customer told me they tried several spots over a few hours for no success then they tried a bit of an odd spot they hadn’t fished for a few years and managed several quality fish in a short time. Where was it? In between secret spot x and y, they said. Several people have told me the same thing, trying to get away from the leather jackets and todies they have been fishing areas they normally don’t and actually finding fish. most of the whiting that I know where they were caught came from in Cleeland bight and on both sides of the channel A few from the bank on the Rhyll side of the top light in the main channel at Newhaven and I had a few second hand reports from the Cowes area around the yacht club.
Calamari for the last few weeks have been very spasmodic and this week was no different with very random reports and sizes. One customer told me he managed 2 from the jetty at San Remo during the week with one a 34cm hood and the other he had to look twice to actually see it on the jig. It was a story we had repeated several times over during the week and it didn’t matter if you were fishing from the land or boat. The boats produced better reports as they often do and I find this time of the year people tend to only target a couple then look for something else. Several reports also came from all round the bay but only a couple from offshore. From the reports the baited jigs caught more of the bigger calamari with pink the standout colour in the artificial ones.
From the first of May we will be reducing our opening hours to our normal Winter hours and will be closed every Wednesday. The shop will open during the week from 9am and 8am on weekends. If the forecast is for good conditions and you are heading out for an earlier fish and need some bait or tackle give us a call at the shop and if we can we will open earlier for you
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